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Tip of the month

tip of the month
This month's tip is: TYRES
Being the only thing that connects you and your car to the road it is of upmost importance for the driver of the vehicle to carry out a quick visual inspection of the tyres on a daily basis, looking for low pressure or unusual wear on the tyre. Low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption and reduces the vehicle's handling and braking ability. In between servicing, tyres can easily lose pressure thus cause unnecessary wear to the tread surface. When driving and you feel that the car wants to pull to one side of the road, or rotating noise occurs, this may be an indication of an issue with a tyre ie the tyres may need a wheel alignment or wheel balance. At WSM we can arrange to have your tyres balanced and wheel aligned. You can also purchase new tyres through WSM. At WSM we are more than happy to check your tyres and tyre pressure in between servicing, at no charge.